42% of deaths are cardio-vascular related

Heart diseases, cancer and accidents are amongst the most frequent causes for death in the European Union, as a recent Eurostat study revealed. On average, in EU, 42% of deaths are cardio-vascular related, and a quarter are tumors. For the population under 20 years old, the most dangerous are road accidents (the cause for 13% of deaths between 2001 and 2003).

Suicide is responsible for 12% of Europe’s deaths

For the population between 20 and 44 years old, suicide is responsible for 12% of Europe’s deaths, the most frequent cases being in Lithuania, Estonia, Leetonia, and seldom in Greece, Italy and Malta.

For the population group 45 to 64 years old, cancer represents the main cause for decease. In men the most frequent is respiratory related cancer (106 deaths in 100 000 men), in the top being Hungary, The Czech Republic, Slovakia and in the last positions Sweden and Finland.
In women the most frequent is breast cancer (48 deaths in 100 000 women). Denmark (66), the Flemish region of Belgium (64), Holland (60) have the highest death rates, at the opposite polls being Greece and Spain (38).

In the 65 to 84 years old, the most Europeans die of cardio-vascular diseases, the most frequent being in Estonia (2305 men, 1318 women in 100 000 inhabitants), Lithuania and Leetonia, and the lowest in France (402 men, 169 women), Portugal and Spain

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